Viewpoint Design and Installation projects fall into one of two categories: New Builds or Upgrades. The primary difference between them involves the need for demo and removal of a previous installation in the case of upgrades. New builds will not require those steps. In every other way, an upgrade project and a new install follow the same basic steps and we strive to make sure your Viewpoint experience delivers high marks at every one of them from initial consult to final cleanup.

Your first step is a process of discovery and will involve meeting with a Viewpoint consultant to share your vision of the project ahead. We’ll want to know your likes and dislikes, and what you hope to accomplish with the upgrade or new installation you have in mind. We’ll discuss design options, materials choices, and of course, your budgetary parameters. We will need an on-site visit to assess the project and take precise measurements and all of that happens before even the first preliminary designs can be started.


New Construction

Homebuilders who become Viewpoint clients choose our single source convenience because it delivers a significant savings in time and money compared to trying to arrange vendors and balance schedules on their own. Most times, using Viewpoint on a new construction project can compress build times from start to finish. Often, barring complications from limited availabilities beyond our control, we can shave days off a build schedule by up to 25% or more. 



Most of the remodeling projects Viewpoint Design and Installation undertakes occur in private homes. They require special care to keep the workspace with all of its dust and activity from interfering with the lives of the residents and livability of the home. We pride ourselves on our abilities to prepare and contain our work areas, no matter how large or how small the project. Also, because Viewpoint serves as a single point of contact for the entire job, timeframes and scheduling are better managed to get you back to your life, faster. We also end every project with a meticulous cleanup that leaves a re-designed kitchen or bath more pristine than we found it.